I U She Music

WARNING: THIS ALBUM IS NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART. For those who are unfamiliar with the Canadian electronic musician Peaches, she’s notorious for using graphic descriptions of sex, challenging gender norms, taking down the patriarchy and generally being a badass bitch. Rub is her sixth album and was released by I U She Music in September of 2015. The album begins with dancey tracks (“Close Up (feat. Kim Gordon),” “Rub,” “Dick In The Air,” and “Pickles”) that will have you radically pumping your fist in the air with each sex-fueled lyric. By “Sick in the Head” and “Free Drink Ticket,” Peaches changes pace, dripping with venomous hatred for toxic masculinity. She preaches trans acceptance in “How Do You Like My Cut,” “Vaginoplasty (feat. Simmone Jones),” and “Light in Places” and calls on us stand up for what we believe in “Dumb Fuck.” Wrapping up with a declaration of radical self-love (“I Mean Something (feat. Feist)”), Peaches has certainly delivered a pop-provocative 11 track album that is a must-listen.

– Alba Clevenger

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