It’s Alright

Olav’s soothing electro-symphonic release It’s Alright is just the right thing to get through a moody Victoria winter to the spring months. The album’s art is stark: a simple cartoon image of an ascending stairwell, flanked by palm trees, overshadowed by a clouded crescent moon. The album artwork perfectly represents the album as a whole, simple on the surface, but a closer look (and listen) displays a very sophisticated, emotional experience. Ten tracks seems rather short at first, but as the album flows onward, it’s evident that ten tracks is more than enough for a dreamy, mesmerizing sonic adventure. “Yaji FM” at first sounds like a simple post-idm percussive tune, but hidden inside the track are sparkling synths, haunting vocal samples and deep bassy tones to rumble at the very core of the listener. It is as hard-edged as it is soft and dreary. This trend continues throughout the entirety of It’s Alright, which is a carefully constructed album of instrumental differences coming together in harmony. It’s Alright holds elements of chiptune, synthwave and modern bass, which all fuse together to create something new. Heavily layered hypnotic percussion and synths are found throughout It’s Alright, laying alongside soothing, yet complicated melodies. It’s Alright is recommended for those who would like an easy album for a light and relaxing set of tunes, but also for those who want something impassioned and poignant. It’s Alright offers both of these things, like a soothing image of the moon in a starlit sky, along the curious venture of climbing a dark stairwell into the unknown.

– P. “Arcade” Pallot

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