By Ross Currie (Host of Mad Wax, Thursday 3:30-5:00pm)

It might not be Victoria’s longest running jazz program, but it’s certainly up there. Ian Cochran, the host of Searchin’, has been involved with campus and community radio at CFUV, since the station’s humble beginning 30 years ago. Cochran used to run a record shop in Victoria called Richard’s Records; It was at this time, in the early 80’s, that he was approached by CFUV’s early initiators about the premise of hosting a radio show.

“I said sure, I’ve never done anything like that before,” says Cochran. “At that point we weren’t really broadcasting, we just had some equipment and we were playing to the washrooms of the sub, and the cafeteria in the commons block.”

He recalls having to throw little rocks at the window to alert the on-air host to let him into the studio. Along with the music being strictly vinyl and cassettes, a lot has changed since then.

“When I first started doing the show, it was kind of eclectic, it was whatever I felt like playing… It became more and more of a jazz show, it now is a jazz show, and has been a jazz show for quite a while,” says Cochran.

Cochran’s previous show was entitled Directions, and used to air on Sunday’s. Searchin’ as it’s now called airs on Friday’s from 6:00-8:00pm and features a cross-section of modern and contemporary jazz, and possibly a little fusion.

“It reflects my interest in jazz, which is more modern than be-bop… It’s more contemporary, at least post 1965,” says Cochran. “I’m not looking at any one instrument, or any particular style. I’m looking for stuff that is a little bit outside of mainstream.”

Cochran stresses the need to stay on top of new innovations in jazz, implying that the show is “trying to see what people are doing now.” He claims that people have been saying jazz is dead, but assures me that it’s “obviously not dead… There are still musicians out there doing interesting things, which are built on what came before, but is just a little bit more different and modern.”

With the diverse cross-section of jazz programming at the station, each show is able to reflect the respective hosts’ individual interests in the genre on a regional or stylistic level. So if you like your jazz with a modern and contemporary tinge, or you have a fond nostalgia for fusion, Searchin’ has got you covered. Not too mention Cochran’s thirty years experience on the mixing board, and the wealth of knowledge and experience that comes with that kind of airtime.

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