White Poppy
Natural Phenomena
Not Not Fun Records

Natural Phenomena reminds me of a dream: a dream in which I awoke, sweaty and anxious in a dilapidated greenhouse. The album evokes both the hazy greenhouse and the feeling of losing a dream to the first moments of day. Sonically speaking, it is densely layered and awash in reverb. Expect to find propulsive bass lines, innovative guitar sounds and a handful of left turns. The music’s overwhelming nature makes the few sparse moments all the more potent. Evident on the backwards tracked conclusion of “Midnight Sun” and the droning disintegration of “Aurora.” Opening track “Confusion” is the exemplary synthesis of Crystal Dorval’s project. It is wonderfully self-contained – bookended by babbling voices – culminating in Dorval’s coo of “so strange” being swallowed up by the sonic sea. Her voice is so complementary to her compositions that I’m left wishing the album were graced with more of it. One could call it dream pop or shoegaze, but by the power vested in me I’ll invent the micro-genre exoticore. Exotic as a scene of vibrant beauty underpinned by a current of unease; music echoing out of the decrepit greenhouse on the hill.

– Joey Wright

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