The New Groovement
The Orange Album

The New Groovement are one of the newest rising bands on Vancouver Island, having opened for the more widely known Five Alarm Funk, and are also one of the most interesting. Blending funk, R&B, and hip hop to create their own unique sounds, The New Groovement have quickly established themselves as one of Victoria’s most promising acts. This promise is reflected in The Orange Album, their first studio album, released in early October 2015. The album presents a wide range of the bands talents, with songs like “Dance Heavy” and “AudioDrown” to appeal to hip hop enthusiasts, while “Lay Low” and “Call Me By My Name” would satisfy the cravings of any funk fans. Despite some tracks being more genre specific than others, all the songs on the album are balanced enough to appeal to listeners of any taste. All in all, The Orange Album provides a diversity of music that is rare to see, while still maintaining its identity throughout; it’s an album to check out for anyone hoping to listen to some excellent local artists and some truly great tracks.

– Kyle Turner

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