Shannon And The Clams
Gone By The Dawn
Hardly Art

The new album from Oakland-based trio, Shannon And The Clams, is somehow almost sock hop appropriate. Gone By The Dawn is an amalgamation of surf rock, punk, R&B, and 60s pop, that sounds like it was recorded by angsty lovelorn kids that found their way into some psychedelics. Heartbreak paints this album red. The Clams have a complex understanding of relationships and the feelings that arise after them. “It’s Too Late” illustrates the despairing uncertainty that makes us break promises that we intended to keep. They have a knack for depicting experiences that won’t give way to words. Despondency is masked by a fun edge. “Point of Being Right,” like a spiteful Christmas song, is undoubtedly the result of earnest frustration. The album starts off somewhat wholesome, and grows into unadulterated bitterness. “Knock ‘Em Dead” is a full-fledged, charmless, 80s garage punk track that invalidates dancing and solicits jumping. These three are clever, facetious, and enjoy being weird. This album is smothered in a cutesyness that was abandoned in a garage by the ocean, but still doesn’t take itself too seriously.

– Bella Lindsey

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