Key Change
Crammed Discs

Mocky is Dominic Salole, a Saskatchewan-born multi-instrumentalist who creates music, which combines elements of jazz, electronic, and folk music. Key Change is his fifth full-length solo release. He has also worked on many other diverse musical projects throughout his career. This album is a wonderfully pleasant collection of light-hearted jazz, which is well suited for cuddling inside on a cold day. The tracklist is relatively concise with 12 songs, including a few instrumental interludes, and no song is longer than four minutes. The songs themselves are primarily instrumentals, however Mocky also plays the role of vocalist on this album. We don’t actually hear him sing until the fourth track “Weather Any Storm” and he only plays this role on half the tracks, allowing the various musical elements, which aren’t vocals to carry the weight of the album. Mocky blends the traditional musicality of jazz with more contemporary textured sound, layering synthesizers, strings and other instruments. Fans of Sufjan Stevens would likely enjoy this style of jazz.

– Braiden Gunn

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