Everything Seems Obvious
Hockey Dad

Woolworm’s latest release Everything Seems Obvious is a few years in the making; recorded in 2013 on Gossip Island, BC. Here we have four new songs on one 7”, with a production sound that may throw off listener’s who are familiar with the band. Many of these songs have been in their live repertoire for a while so diehard fans can finally hear them on record. Adorned with all the makings of a Woolworm record you get vocalist Giles’ yearning lyrics and plenty of distortion. After the opener “Useless,” follows my favourite track of the release “Evil Until I Die” which continues to provide modern re-imaginings of ’90s alt rock. Guitarist Alex provides vocals for the B-side leading “Cassandra.” A more punk inspired track with a sing along-able chorus. The record ends with “I Truly Do Not Mind.” Culminating in all the great elements of a Woolworm song. Crooning falsettos from Giles, backing vocals from bassist Heather, hard drum hits from Nick and strong riffing from all. Do yourself a favour and delve into their world with this new record as a starting point.

– Troy Lemberg (Host of The Action Index Thursday 6:30-8:00pm)

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