Thick Skull
Thick Skull

Thick Skull’s debut EP consists of five songs that combine to roughly fifteen minutes worth of music.  Fifteen minutes isn’t a long time, however Thick Skull makes the most of it by jamming an incredible amount of diversity into the songs.  The album seamlessly transitions from sinister melodies to groovy D-beats to massive doomy chords and much more. The music draws bits and pieces from countless influences and combines them masterfully in a way that many other bands strive, but fail to do. The vocals come in the form of harsh screaming that can’t help but illicit sympathy for the vocalist’s vocal cords. Her passion and enthusiasm are very apparent throughout the entire EP.  Unfortunately there isn’t much dynamic to the vocal delivery, leaving something to be desired, especially when contrasted to the diversity of the music.  Overall, the Thick Skull EP is a very solid release that should appeal to fans of any sort of loud, extreme music.

– Casey Lazar (Host of Two Hours To Midnight Wednesday 10:00-12:00am)

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