Dare To Care

Socalled has yet to release an album that fails to surprise. The Montreal based multi-talent’s prior releases Sleepover and The Season both showcased an eclectic, yet impressive fusion of styles and genres. Peoplewatching continues and builds upon this trend. The opening track, “Everyone Else Must Fail,” starts the album with a pump-up instrumental contradicted by lyrical silliness. The track leads into “Boyfriend Material,” a funky bass driven track that explores the nostalgic hilarities of high school crushes. Peoplewatching reaches its peak with its title track. Reflecting the album cover, the song gives off the vibe of a children’s cartoon. Peoplewatching’s only downturn is its most conventional song “Extra Ordinary,” which seems too generic to fit on an otherwise bizarre album. However, Socalled quickly fixes this with the hilarious “Fire on Hutchison Street.” Sounding like a crude version of Mr. Rogers, this piano driven track is an immediate highlight. Peoplewatching is a beautiful dose of absurdity. Its children’s cartoon vibe takes us back to our childhood. On it’s surface, this album is a bizarre fusion of incompatible musical styles, but some how it’s fantastic and undoubtedly enjoyable.

– Peter Moore

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