Psychosomatic Itch
Psychosomatic Itch EP

I`ve got an itch, a psychosomatic itch! It’s a strange itch; I just can’t reach or find it. It`s a brain itch that many of us know and undeniably enjoy. The Psychos are well known around Victoria even though this recent EP only came out in June. We know their sounds from seeing them live and raw, in the flesh. And isn’t that how we really know a band, in the euphoric guttural throws of live musical performance? But now we can play these sounds in the privacy of our own homes. These local Victoria art-punk eccentrics mesh bleating noise with smooth dilated bass. The loud and distorted nature of these Psychosomatic itches could be an acquired taste for some, but it`s not about pleasing the masses, this is highly personalized art. That’s what makes it such a delightful itch to scratch. The tracks are brooding with apathy and dreamy distortion; the beat of “Cold Call” is thick and steady like coagulating blood. The noise of this album is a soothing lullaby for fitful dreams dreamt in the heads of night creatures like us.

-Sabine Ricard (Host of The Fiji Mermaid Wednesdays 3:30-5:00pm)

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