La Luz
Weirdo Shrine
Hardly Art

Cruising down to California anytime soon? Weirdo Shrine, La Luz’s second album, sums up modern day beach rock. La Luz, a four-piece, all-woman band have the surf-pop genre on lock down. Weirdo Shrine is La Luz’s second album, produced by Ty Segall, in the city of San Dimas, California. The track “I’ll Be True” features etheric harmonies running alongside slick, guitar riffs. Hearing the ladies of La Luz sing reminds me of punk rock angels. After all, their name—La Luz—means “the light” in Spanish. Weirdo Shrine was recorded in an old surfboard factory, which etched its way into the overall sound of the album. Each track flows seamlessly into the next and the album sounds like one song. It’s the perfect album for a road trip or if you’re feeling nostalgic about the summer past. La Luz keeps the good vibes rolling like waves along the California sand.

– Melissa Reid (Host of Funk ‘n’ Ska Friday 8:00-9:00am)

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