Drip Audio

With his latest release, Jay Crocker’s JOYFULTALK projects gives listeners an unpredictable ride through foreign textures, sticky melodies, and Disneyland-esque space sounds. The album begins with “Butterfly 12 Komokyo”, a well-arranged swirl of harmonies bound to a kick and a minimal, lo-fi guitar rhythm. “Buschbabies” sounds like high-energy jumping jack music from Adult Swim, while “Gym Class” could be an overlooked soundtrack from Wolfenstein 3D. “Pommel Horse’s” heavily effected, dense Dorian build up serves as the perfect lead in to the spacious, driven beat of “If I Had Your Address In Chicago,” the highlight of the album. It pulses along purposefully for over 4 minutes before encountering a smirking woman repeating “If I had your address in Chicago, I would have written you before I came here.” After a minute or so of her implicit blame, the beat wanders on, seemingly unaffected by the encounter. The album, recorded on 14 homemade instruments and analogue synths, is a journey through inventive 16 bit worlds that come to life as you hear them.

– Brennan MacKay (Host of Multi-Family Garage Sale Monday 9:00-10:30pm)

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