Jamie xx
In Colour
Young Turks

If asked to describe Jamie xx’s debut record In Colour in a single word, I’d have to say evocative. Not only emotionally, but also spatially, thematically and historically. The dazzling sonic spectrum of its eleven tracks defies encapsulation. I could spend hours waxing over the moments of this album that resonate with me, but another listener might gravitate to other things entirely. Such is the power of this record to invoke. It makes the listener a confederate in its activities. Track to track, threads of classic rave, garage and dubstep are weaved together to form something that sounds uniquely unstuck in time. It sounds like the sum of every night out, I’ve ever had. There are soaring, manic heights like the extemporized synth line which graces the finale of the opening track “Gosh,” and there are floating moments of disconnected introspection like the effervescent flourishes of “Sleep Sound” or the sluggish refrains of “Just Saying.” This is music, which is as much at home on a lonely pair of earbuds as it is on a crowded dance floor. It’s dance music for your head as well as your feet.

– Cam Fish

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