By Braiden Gunn

Fountain is a Victoria based group of four Kelowna natives who all made their way to the island with a passion for music in their hearts and came together as a group a little over two years ago. I had the pleasure of sitting down with two of the band members, siblings Evan and Laura Jeffrey, to chat about the band and their music.

Since their formation they have released a pair of projects, the debut self-titled tape in January 2014, which they followed up with Fountain 2 this past June. The second release developed on the same unique style established on the first. “On the second tape we tried to blend the intensity of the live show with the off-kilter and dry sounds that the studio allows you to create. I think we are getting better at making the kind of music we want to be making,” Evan remarks. Their music is an avant-garde approach to the genres of rock and punk that may appeal to fans of artists such as Wire, Deerhoof, or Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band.

When asked how they would describe their music, Evan replied, “a lot of people use the terms post-punk or art-rock. We are definitely fans of a lot of the music that gets grouped together under those umbrellas. One of our oldest family friends said he heard someone describe our music as ‘angular.’ I can definitely see what he means. Our music has a lot of sharp edges and hard turns. We try to constantly shift the direction of the music while maintaining a lot of intensity.”

They do not focus on singles when creating a project, rather focusing on the tape as a whole: “We definitely think in terms of albums or a collection of songs. These first tapes are more like EPs because they are shorter and give us a chance to figure out what sounds we are going after. After releasing the two tapes we are now working towards recording a full-length record. Still, we definitely create these tapes as a whole with the songs as individual pieces of a bigger statement.” Fountain 2 clocks in at a little over 20 minutes long and contains ten tracks of varying length.

The band has toured across Canada in many cities including dates in Montreal and Calgary. “Some of our best shows have probably been in Calgary at the Sled Island festival that happens every June. The first year we opened for Mission of Burma in a massive old Legion and it sounded amazing. This past summer we played at a bar called Dicken’s and everything was really clicking that night”.

I asked what was next for the group and Evan informed me “Laura and Declan (another band member) are going to France for seven months so we are taking a break to figure out what our next move is going to be. The plan is to focus on creating a lot of new material.” The band’s last show for the foreseeable future is September 6th at Logan’s [Pub].

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