Dark Glasses
Dark Glasses

In what may appear to be a performance of pure serendipity, Victoria’s Dark Glasses clink and clank through psyche-surf reverberations akin to – I don’t know what exactly. However, it’s intriguing as all hell. There is a magnificant point in the album where “Mistaken Attachment” rolls into “Pet Crow.” Despite the briefness of the album, this single sting remains vivid. There is a strange melancholy hiding in the fear of uncertainty; in the single-chord progressions and monotone vocals, that might be reminiscent of cold winter nights. Not to say that the album is afraid of treading into upbeat territory on “Undefined Colours,” or to meddle with the occasional major chord. But the spirit of new wave dances sometimes on the side of Blondie, and sometimes on the side of The Smiths. Dark Glasses seem to be paddling just out past the breakwater, getting ready to ride the ominous waves of despair and intrigue.

– Petter Ness

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