Dalannah and Owen
Been Around a While
Quest Records

The first thought you might have when you hear these two Vancouver blues/jazz/soul veterans will be, “What took them so long to join forces?”  Dalannah Gail Bowen and Owen Veber have created a stripped down album of vocals and six-string bass that leaves nowhere to hide. The result is a warm soulful collection of 11 songs that, like a fine Zinfandel, is rich, warm and engaging. The highlights include Marvin Gaye’s “Inner City Blues “ and Robert Johnson’s “Come On In My Kitchen,” but everything works very well. No throw-aways here. This is a record ideally suited to nights by the cozy fire, thoughtful contemplation, and serious consideration. Bowen is a social activist and an advocate for the rights of the less fortunate as well as being a powerful vocalist, and these virtues will be there for you on every cut. Owen’s bass is enveloping and precise, but is never in the way. These two players have indeed Been Around a While, but together, at last, they have created an accessible and mature soul-blues record.

– Jim Martens (Host of Blues in the Morning Friday 9:00-11:00am)

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