Telephone Explosion

Many have dug up every dark correlate conceivable to describe CROSSS’ music: ominous, eerie, ‘black majick,’ tremorous; some have even gone as far as to pin it under the ‘metal’ umbrella. But as vocalist and lead guitarist Andy March mentioned in a recent Noisey interview: “I don’t think we’re anywhere near. If someone else heard you calling us metal, who knew what metal is, they would be mad at you.” However the association with everything we consider to be a part of that dark realm, is indeed what inspires much of Andy’s writing. In the aforementioned interview March speaks of his interest in the occult and various myths such as the black mandrake, which inspired the album opener “Interlocutor.” The album reads like a Grimm Brothers fairy tale, lulling you into a reality that allows playful exploration of darkness whether in ourselves, or lurking in our waking life. The instrumental drone-like composition of “Enthroning the 4 Acts” delivers an opportunity for reflection on a journey that is the whole album, and with that the record is over and you’re back where you started.

– Ali Lopez (Music Director at CFUV)

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