This 35 minute self-titled album from Victoria’s Fascination is quite an intriguing release. At first glance I didn’t find the gibberish titles of some of the songs particularly remarkable but upon listening to the music you start to notice how this LP was structured. The first five tracks are enjoyable, well-paced, spacious instrumentals with passionate vocals soaked in reverb giving this album an almost other-worldly atmosphere. Pleasant synths are used effectively with the steady drumlines and various guitar sections. Then, once you cross the halfway point of this album, Fascination mirrors itself and you hear the music begin to play backwards without vocals. This reverse of the front half is represented in the song titles of the second half, which helped me make sense of phrases like “Diov Gnivil” being the inverse of “Living Void.” The listener effectively retraces their steps through the sonic landscape depicted by Fascination. The concept here is an ambitious one which kept me coming back to the project, but the second half has a dreary, dissonant feel and may drag on for some listeners. However, I do look forward to the next Fascination project because of the creative approach this self-titled album took.

– Braiden Gunn

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