The Backhomes

With their sophomore release, the Backhomes, a Victoria based psych-pop duo of Kees Dekker and Aimée van Drimmelen bind a profusion of musical precursors into a groovy and atmospheric whole. Listening to this record is like finding oneself in some kind of auditory hallucination where some of the most original sounds of the late 80s and 90s bind themselves together into an unlikely but organic and rad whole. It’s like listening to Seefeel, a John Carpenter soundtrack, the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and even early U2 all at once. Bright and washy Vangelis synths collide with motorik krautrock rhythms, swirling shoegaze guitars, forlorn harmonicas, and soft breathing vocals. I imagine myself riding some kind of Mad Max Franken-vehicle across an endless high-noon desert. The beat drives one forward while a swirling, harmonic cloud casts auditory shadows on the terrain. These sounds transport you. The closer “Pre-Utopian” is a favorite. Sounds explored in the previous tracks are codified into a building sonic storm. Gridlocked, delay-laden drums provide a bed for a seamless rolling bass motif. Guitar and harmonica textures draw lines around one another like currents of air until the supremely gratifying conclusion. I dig this record. I think you will too.

– Cam Fish


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