Not knowing a single thing about Spectregates, I didn’t quite know what I was getting myself into listening to their EP. Fortunately, Correspondence is one of my favourite musical finds of this year. The EP manages to have a perfect blend of francophone synth pop that gives each song a distinctive taste. Maryse Bernard, the lead vocalist, has a lovely voice that perfectly accentuates each lyric, all while hitting each note with ease. “Dizzy Spells” is the best song of the bunch, a simple yet dark track that perfectly captures the sound and tone of the group. “Squelette” is a song that’s mainly sung in French, but it is another standout that switches seamlessly from French to English and back again. It’s really too bad that the EP is only four songs long, because I’m now wanting a full album. A fantastic taste of what’s to come.

– Fraser Hamilton

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