For the Least of Us

Grimwood’s debut full length is a lovely clash of genres and inspirations performed by seriously groomed musicians, realizing like the Zombies did years ago, that less is more. In simple, substantiated build-ups and progressions, songs like ” The Obvious Flaws of Kicking and Screaming” manage to do more in four minutes than many artists accomplish in comprehensive catalogues, let alone 45 minutes. It’s a good collection of trailblazer tunes with waves of distorted bass rolling through the desolate landscape of the title track, wondering where it is, while to an avid listener the intent seems clear cut through a few simple words, “I’m not alone…” and a double-bar progression. If one can imagine Joe Walsh coercing a Black Sabbath session in an acid frenzy, kicking Ozzy out the door, one would have something like Grimwood’s latest. If the recordings were really conducted in a funeral home basement, I’m not all that surprised that Satan’s voice comes through in the record’s rewind, making this simple sting, both forwards and backwards. A bit of good, wicked fun.

– Petter Ness

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