Old Girl
Eternal Idol

In the wake of FKA Twigs’ LP1, Old Girl’s Eternal Idol fits into the increasingly popular tag of “alternative R&B.” Combining elements of synth-pop and electronic production with singer/songwriter vocals that could find themselves behind an acoustic guitar. The album provides a collection of lo-fi genre-bending tracks that will gain steady rotation in your library. The album opens with “Never Make It” and “Disappointing Lovers.” Both tracks work well together to set the tone for the following track, enlisting strange synthesizers backed by incredible percussion rhythms. “Okay to Miss” brings a strong electronica vibe that showcases a potential influence of Caribou’s Our Love. The album finishes off with its strongest tracks “Over You,” a beautifully somber 80’s high school dance slow jam and “Climb,” the most FKA Twigs-esque track that leaves listeners with a lasting sense of dissonance. Just a short 7-song tracklist, Eternal Idol is consistent and succinct. Each off-kilter synth flows into the next and Old Girl returns to deliver soft but well-blended vocals, making the album an unconventional but thoroughly enjoyable listen.

– Peter Moore

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