Psychosomatic Itch Bring The Noise

By Phoenix Bain

Psychosomatic Itch pulse through the local scene as a five piece rock band that encapsulates more than just a genre. Their riffs assault with a taste of Black Sabbath in between droning synth lines and vocals reminiscent of Bauhaus or The Fall circa 1982. Their sound could get caught up between the cracks of genre technicalities, but instead Psychosomatic Itch carve a place of their own amidst the post-punk reigns of the Victoria scene.

Robbie, Dmetro, Daniel, Steve, and Jason released their first tape in 2014 – a recording of a live set at CFUV. What is different about them in the last year?

“We’ve played a lot of shows since then. We’ve played with a lot of awesome bands since then,” says Lei. “Lots of newer songs now, different types of jams as well,” says Sinclair. They have certainly settled in their place with vicious live shows. They have developed a precision over the last year to deliver their unique brand of noise.

“We’re definitely trying to experiment a bit more it seems. It seems like we’re just trying to push between genres and our old stuff is just songs that we had jammed on for a long time and were just written out of the blue,” says Sinclair. “Now we’re working a little bit harder on stuff,” says Johnson.

After listening to their debut of only six songs, short bursts interspersed with sound clips, the band has set up their anomalous foundation. The obvious question is what’s next (and when can we hear it)? “We recorded in the summer on Saltspring [Island] with Robert DiNinno and we’re just about to put those songs out,” says Sinclair. “We got them mastered by Duncan MacConnell from Slam Dunk,” says Pierson.

“We’re just working on art and the actual production of the tapes now and hopefully that will be out soon and now we’re just trying to kind of put those behind us… still have them and have new material and kind of figure out what we’re going to do after that,” says Sinclair.

Would you do anything different next time?

“I think definitely we learned a bunch of things and we learned what not to do and what to do, what we liked from this recording process. It was good but you always want to strive to do something better, more what you were aiming for, but it was good. Next time I think it would be nice to maybe be recording our own stuff on our own time in our own space cause then we could work on it longer and have a more focused idea,” says Pierson.

As we patiently wait for the fresh sounds of Psychosomatic Itch, the five piece readies themselves for the summer, more shows, and festivals. “If there’s any record labels that [want to] put out our album on vinyl, we’re here waiting,” says Pierson. “I’d like to say that… I’ve been really stoked with the bands that we’ve played with. Tons of really awesome bands. I’m pretty happy with that,” says Lei. “And thanks to all Victoria promotors and anyone that has anything to do with putting on shows in Victoria,” says Pierson. “And CFUV of course,” adds Robinson.

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