Painted Fruits

Fruit Salad


As though the Beach Boys returned to the red-hot beaches of California, Painted Fruits deliver a raw and creamy whammy of an album. Fruit Salad is laid back and unafraid to tread the fine line between indie pop and oldie rock ‘n’ roll. From “Mechanical Rhythm” to “Cheap Motel,” the lines between rough, trampling beats and streamlined droning are constantly crisscrossed like a musical sewing machine hammering out both the unadulterated simplicity of “Pick Up the Flowers,” and the ambitiousness of “Running Away” and “We Can Show You How to Feel Love.” While listening through the album, it led me to the image of Paul Revere and the Raiders and Joy Division having group sex with Paul McCartney in the early 70’s. Fruit Salad furnishes mental images of seedy back lots, late night burgers and unfiltered bizarro thrills in the best of faith and fashion, blurring the line between classic and contemporary incarnations of rock ‘n’ roll. It’s good for the kids; it’s good for the parents. Lean back and let the Painted Fruits invade your ears.

– Peter Ness

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