Bruised Tongue

The moon is both bright and dark, charted, yet unknown. On Halifax quintet Moon’s eponymous release, similar parallels can be heard. A group that can confidently bring motorik krautrock jams to the table but still forced to gravitate around the jangly pull of their peers. Musically, Moon is on point with bright guitars chiming back and forth across the stereo field held in check by warm bass and broken up in the atmosphere of dissonant chords. Moon offers up 9 head-bob inducing tracks. However, the first two tracks, among others, sound too similar, which overall slows Moon’s orbit to a lull. The group aims to blend prose and pop, but tends to be much more of the former than the latter. The lyrics are often delivered with a blasĂ© sobriety paired with monotonous vocals that never really find their place in the mix, which pulls the listener out of their musical cosmos. Moon obviously explores some familiar territory all the while hitting the sonic motifs on the head. With a few craters here and there, it is no doubt that Moon will shine over pop, kraut, and prose in the future.

– Tayler Thompson

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