Melanie Durant 



Toronto-based singer/songwriter Melanie Durant has delivered an eclectic collection of Soul and R&B driven tracks on her sophomore album Anticipation. The album begins with the hard-hitting “By Your Side”, most identifiable by its prominent Hip-Hop drums, but quickly shifts gears to the much darker and funkier tone in “Wait.” “Life Goes on (Since You’ve Been Gone)” takes the album back to 1950’s Motown with a strong Etta James vibe. Despite its strong start, the album dips in the mid-section with a slough of Amy Winehouse-esque tracks, such as “Ain’t Coming Back” and “Gone.” Ironically, the album’s most out of place track seems to be the Latin-funk inspired title track, a song the comes totally out of left field. Despite a weaker middle, the album’s final track is easily one of the standouts, as the aptly named “Goodbye” finishes the album on a high note. Although Anticipation might be a bit of a bumpy ride, its strong points leave the listener wanting more.

– Peter Moore

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