Matana Roberts

COIN COIN Chapter Three: River Run Thee


The 3rd volume of Matana Roberts’ COIN COIN project is a cerebral, enthralling, and utterly enjoyable piece of work. Combing elements of spiritual jazz, experimental noise/drone, and the utilization of looped sound collage; COIN COIN Chapter Three: River Run Thee is a testament to the aural attainments of the modern sound artist outside of the barren wasteland that is the modern (s)hit factory. Roberts’ techniques produce an auditory atmosphere that transports the listener high above the earth and beckons them to stare down to witness the horror and beauty perpetuated by the human animal. Looped soundscapes, droned organ, and whirring electronics are paired with collaged vocals and field recordings that impart the lived experiences of the author onto the listener. A mournful saxophone ebbs and flows between the exquisite and the atrocious, connecting past to present, signifying the cyclical nature of history and serving as both a reminder of the past and a warning of the future. COIN COIN Chapter Three: River Run Thee is a haunting exercise that urges us not to forget the muck that we crawled out of. Recommended early hour listening.

– Mark Alexander McIntyre

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