BadBadNotGood & Ghostface Killah 

Sour Soul 


Sour Soul feels more like witnessing a theatrical production than listening to a hip-hop album. BadBadNotGood’s jazzy, symphonic sound lays the foundation for a 12 track record with equal parts rapping and vivid instrumentals flowing throughout. BBNG’s constant variations in tempo are exactly what sets this hip-hop album apart from the next. Wu-Tang legend Ghostface Killah doesn’t need any help with his rap game, but a couple bang on collaborations deliver some of the most standout songs on the album. “Ray Gun” features DOOM in all his trademark, comic-infused glory as one of the most up-beat tracks on the album, and “Six Degrees” made me reconsider my underwhelmed attitude toward Danny Brown. Overall, Sour Soul is a vibey album you could sit back, close your eyes to, and time travel back to a 1970’s theatre hall while Ghostface tells you story’s about the future.

– Olivia Perry

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