Billie Zizi

Gun Metal Dress


Set your alarm for 6:00 am and drive down the California Pacific Coast highway—preferably in a convertible—while listening to Billie Zizi’s debut album Gun Metal Dress. As soothing and mellow as it is haunting and edgy, Gun Metal Dress fuses undertones of folk and jazz and is woven together by Billie’s guitar and Cam Neufeld’s powerful fiddle. The result is a glorious convergence of Billie’s world-traveling spirit and past musical influences. The gypsy-like fiddle allures listeners on songs like “Gun Metal Dress”, “Wind Dog Blues”, and “Blue.” But it is her voice that steals the show. If you are mesmerized by the voices of Nellie McKay, Regina Spektor, or Rae Spoon, Billie’s smooth tone and roller-coaster vocal range will sure to please. Billie often harmonizes with herself in tracks such as “The Sky In The City”, and “I Love You.” Even without her guitar, it is clear Billie’s voice can hold its own. Occasionally heavy on lyrical repetition, Gun Metal Dress is seamlessly woven together with fiddle, guitar and tight drumming. When “Jukebox Baby” comes on your car stereo, pull over, close your eyes and put your feet up on the dash to soak in the final tracks.

– Ellery Lamm

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