More Than Any Other Day


Before Ought’s debut LP cosmically dropped into critical acclaim this past April, the Constellation youngsters faced the new year with the killer New Calm EP and stars in alignment. The post-punkers’ transcendence of Montreal’s underground to cross-Canadian college radio and pitchfork praise was swift, turning unfamiliar heads northerly to something wicked brewing in Montreal’s Mile-End basements. More Than Any Other Day feeds you spoonfuls of wit and political-charged criticism, only made sweeter by catchy bass lines, charming keyboard riffs and hi-hat-happy drumming. The title track “Today More Than Any Other Day” opens with spacey tintinnabulation that glacially scrapes past, taunting you in a way that’s comparable to an uneasy, yet oddly satisfying dry-heave. At worst, there are lackluster moments with impressionable songs strung-out by moments that settle for something simpler, often exchanging Beeler’s uniquely spoken word-esque overlay for more obvious instrumental and vocal interaction. Vocalist Tim Beeler’s punchy one-liners will often leave you blissfully flabbergasted on tracks like “Around Again” and “Today, More Than Other Day”. Ought have proved they not only have a message, but demand ears be lent.

– Amy Lowe

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