Local heroes Fountain lay within the strange realm formed when punk rock collapsed like a white dwarf, leaving behind a towering nebula of vivid colour and twangy post-punk that reverberates through your guttiwuts and formally screams for re-listening. Fountain has supplied its city with a soundtrack that leaves tracks on sidewalks, begging you to make the same walk among the cherry-blossoms again. Even if that was not the bands intention, the moody, yet somehow uplifting tone of “Divide” and “Ladybug Mating Ritual,” manages to be convoluted, yet clear in terms of musical style; channeling the best of post-punk with bands of yonder like Rites of Spring and Sense Field. The band’s soft strings, bombastic drums and the detrimental Music Man equipment they reportedly employ omits sounds that accompany any scene you might find yourself in, be it sifting through the garbage in a Pandora alleyway on a rainy day, or the winds and reflections of the sun beaming down upon you as you bike down Dallas Road to James Bay. However much I align Fountain to Victoria, it is a tape that works in any city and on any stage with its inherent vengeance and melancholy. Fountain’s self-titled opus is the siren of May mornings and of dire frustrations. Whatever your mood may be; Fountain can supply your demand with their furious roster of roasting hot and heartbroken tunes.

– Petter Ness

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