AM Static

A Life Well Lived


A Life Well Lived is the first full-length album and second release from the Alberta based collaborative project AM Static. The pair writes and produces all of their music, but also utilize a range of other musicians. The album stretches many genres like jazz, electronic, folk, soul, and even blues, to find a unique and passionate sound. This LP is able to evoke the emotions we feel as we contemplate the factors, both positive and negative, that make up our own well-lived life. This idea of being self-conscious of your own location on life’s timeline starts with the artwork where an old man dons a youthful energetic toque. A Life Well Lived is presented in an effective beginning, middle, and end format with musical interludes which help blend the sections together. The first tracks set the mood for the rest of the album and the middle section consists of several songs that are shorter in length and keep the listener engaged. AM Static concludes their soundscape in dramatic fashion with two of the longest tracks on the album, one of which being the 6 minute title-track.

– Braiden Gunn

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