By Ross Currie (Host of Salvaged Sounds Tuesday 6:00-7:00PM)

Take a ride on the Night Bus, it leaves every Saturday night at 9:00PM from CFUV’s basement studio and its last stop is 10:30PM. Points covered (but not limited to) include West Coast and UK bass music, jungle, juke, 2-step, drum n’ bass, garage, hip-hop, house, techno and any other eclectic forms of electronic music that your driver Pascale chooses to blare out of her speakers. “Now that I have a show, I embrace more kinds of music. There’s so much good music flowing through the radio station,” says Pascale. Which is a good thing for fans that appreciate the variety and complexity of music that falls under the umbrellas of “electronic”; or any other forms of music that you may hear on the Night Bus.

Sighting the Gorillaz album Demon Days as a starting point into exploring electronic music. As well as having a deep appreciation for Canadian electronic artist Caribou, elusive UK bass producer Burial and British DJ/producer extraordinaire Four Tet. These artists all attribute to the creation of the Night Bus, which pays homage to a Burial track of the same name, as well as an auditory account of the host’s experiences riding Vancouver’s infamous late night buses routes.

The host envisions the tracks played on her show to find their place in an imaginary lounge somewhere within the city. Not too heavy, or aggressive. Finding the perfect balance of music that is on the lower end of the BPM spectrum, while still finding time for those more energetic tunes at the host’s discretion. “My show goes in waves all the time. Some weeks it’ll be more downtempo, which is perfectly suitable for late at night. And other nights I’ll just get really energetic and play more late night dance music,” she says. Whether you’re preference is jamming out, or mellowing out, the Night Bus will do its best to make sure all stops are covered before the ride comes to an end.

“I let the music speak for me,” she says. Keeping a low profile and staying true to tunes and the vibe she creates week-to-week is something that the host takes to heart. “The best part of hosting a show is knowing that someone out there is enjoying the music your playing, at the same time as you are,” she adds. Which happens to be a quintessential relationship between the radio DJ and its anonymous listeners. If you’re a fan of electronic music in all its forms, the Night Bus is certainly a ride with its fair share of twists and turns, but with help from your driver, she’ll do her best to get you home safe.

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