By Phoenix Bain

Local band Jons have taken over music bills all over town in the last year. Debuting in 2012 at the UVic Visual Arts show, they have since made their mark in the local scene and ventured to Calgary for Sled Island to bring their youthful, fuzzed out, shoe gaze to the rest of Canada.

Serfs of Today, the debut effort from local bands Jons, resonates like a 35mm film of a beach day with your friends in your early 20s. The voice of Patrick Rendell overtop the mesmerizing guitars of David Parry and rhythm section of Keenan Mittag-Degala (Drums) and Logan Holmes (Bass) wrap up this perfect package of summer wonder on the sunshine coast. A sense of youthfulness rings true throughout the entire album with hints of influence from Bowie with dabs of Mac DeMarco, late 60s psychedelic, and the Brian Jonestown Massacre.

The project began with each member independently writing a bit of music before coming together and beginning to jam. Everything fell into place, including a quick band name referencing an inside joke, in 2012, however, the album was a long time coming.

“We were on [CFUV] in January, and we [told them], ‘We are going to have an album out in two weeks!’” laughs Holmes. “I was feeling very confident at the time.” Rendell adds. But why the time lapse?

“It was a good way to [record the album] because we would record songs and then think they were good, but then we would record other ones that were better. They sort of replaced the old ones and scrapped them as we were making better ones,” says Rendell. The recording process was entirely done by the four members with some digital support and a tape machine.

“We realized how picky you [have] to be, it’s not as easy as making a few songs… [but] tapes are cool. It sounds warm and it’s easy to do,” says Holmes.

Jons stand out in the local scene with a sound at a lower decibel mark and a woozy sway from their typical audience. Mittag-Degala chimes in with a description, adding that, “I definitely feel like [our music] is a little less angular than a lot of the music that’s popular right now in the music scene. Less, I guess, abrasive.”

This sums up the four piece perfectly. Despite the textured sound that Jons offers setting their listeners in a glazed mood, they do have a softer edge than most of the regular haunts at Logan’s.

As four students, Jons are, as they say, “landlocked” for a while in the local scene. With a few upcoming shows, a physical release of their debut album in the near future, and possible new releases in the next year, they are not planning on slowing down anytime soon. “We’ve been making some new songs lately that we’re excited about.” Rendell answers. Logan adds, “We want to keep putting out stuff and playing as many shows as we can.”

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