The Rural Alberta Advantage

Mended With Gold

Saddle Creek/Paper Bag

The Rural Alberta Advantage formed in 2006, and since then they have established themselves at the forefront of Canadian alternative music. Their previous albums (the initial self-titled 2006 EP, 2008’s Hometowns, and 2011’s Departing) received high praise and blazed the trail for the current generation of Canadian alternative rockers. Mended With Gold is no different, bringing further depth to the bands’ already distinctive sound, while still maintaining the somewhat garage-rock feel of their previous work. This is in large part due to the percussive genius of Paul Banwatt, who hasn’t changed his distinctive style of drumming, but rather tailored it so that the soulful crooning of lead singer/songwriter Nils Edenloff mixes in with a natural harmony. This has led to an album that is less up-tempo, but just barely so, with plenty of impressive riffs mixed in. Although many of the songs have less bravado than those of the previous albums, all of the songs on Mended With Gold seem to have a soul of their own, creating a well-balanced and overall excellent third album for The Rural Alberta Advantage.

– Kyle Turner

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