Psychic Pollution


Shake!/Eat Glass

There’s a cold neu future brewing and its nostalgic gurgles can be heard in the records of the increasingly prolific Psychic Pollution. Séance, the new cassette/digital album jointly released on Shake and Eat Glass records, is a dense and fertile psychedelic journey through the void and owes much to the kosmiche sounds of the past music, but also offers a new take on the solar side of agitated synth music. Sometimes foreboding, at other times playful, the experimental soundscapes presented arc and dive with skillful control. Whirring portraits of ominously twisted auditory tales pour into the aural receivers and transport us on a galactic ride through the shadows. Very fitting tones to churn through the murk of a Victoria winter. As someone who hates the god cult surrounding guitars but is still positioned in the psychedelic and rock traditions of the last century, this has me. Psychic Pollution’s Séance fits somewhere in the Berlin School of electronic music, read as: heavily psych and Kraut in scope.

By Mark McIntyre (Host of Everything Is Weird Saturday 8:00-9:00PM)

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