New Pornographers - Brill Bruisers










The New Pornographers

Brill Bruisers

Matador/Last Gang

I was skeptical after Together. While their aforementioned album Together is tamer, burdened by a lack of togetherness and some might even say downright boring, But, Brill Bruisers is energetic, uplifting and not failing to allure.  What struck me at first was the discernible amount of fun The New Pornographers are having. Quirky, mysterious harmonization, robust bass, haunting synth and impellent chord progressions are thrown in a pot and the resulting concoction is an enveloping sound that has you questioning whether there are seven or twenty members in the band. Their title track really sums up the voluptuousness of the sound and the synthesis of all members. “War on the East Coast” and “Born with a Sound” both begin ominously while crescendo-ing to fuller, celebratory choruses. This album is about celebration. It calls for rejoicing and that it’s worth being jubilant, because why the hell not. Brill Bruisers may be worth calling the Newer Pornographers – honestly, after Together I was thinking ‘c’mon guys get it together, this talent is being wasted on a lack of fire and communal dedication’, but I enjoyed Brill Bruisers, and am glad the devotion was rekindled.

– Ben Morrow

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