Hush Pup



Have you ever floated through a cloud? Probably not, but you know you want to. One listen to Hush Pup’s September 2014 release, Waterwings, and you might just think you have. The Victoria/Toronto based group melds together dreamy synths, steady bass, light guitar and drums around lead singer Ida Maidstone’s angelic voice. As far as synth-pop goes, this album hit the right key. The opener, “Thailand,” eases you in with Maidstone on the synths backed by her distant yet profound vocals. The song picks up near the end with the introduction of a soft drumbeat leading you into the second song, “Swimming.” If “Thailand” is the hook, “Swimming” anchors the listener’s interest with its deep bass and guitar presence. “Wait Up” is the one storm cloud along this dreamy, floating musical journey. The track perfectly blends Maidstone’s breathiness, bass guitarist Steve Scott’s steadiness, and guitarist Derek Janzen’s rhythm. Waterwings winds down through its final two songs “Fighter” and “Magic Hour” leaving the listener covered in a blissful silk blanket of synth-pop as they drift back to earth.

– Alex Kerr

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