Hundy Thou



The latest from Victoria’s Hundy Thou is a short blast of trap-riddled nihilistic hip-hop weirdness. Consisting of five, fairly brief songs (three unreleased old tracks and two produced for this released), SWEAT is a quick blast of stoner energy that is unrelenting in its need to pound your ears. The dense, headphone-ready beats are as sharp and on-point as anything coming out of Canada’s west coast this year, rooted in the 90s gangsta beats that have seen such a remarkable resurgence lately. Combine the refrain, “Swingin’ from the noose on the tree of life/We see the price to be free is like… just cut it…” with the heavy drum beat and you get a sort of trap-brat masterpiece in “Trap Doors.” It’s a shame that the MCs on the mic don’t have as much to say as their beats demand. There’s a tremendous amount of skill on display, each rapper hits the mic with unique and liquid flows, but there is seemingly not much beyond the surface-level wordplay and waves of pop-culture references. These cats are aggressively detached and it can make for some uneven listening for those who might be looking for a bit more in their lyricism.

– Blake Morneau

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