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GOAT have an album called World Music and that’s the first thing you need to know when jumping into their tunes. They’re a rock band at their core, but their whirlpool of twangy guitars and skittering percussion owes more to Kuti than Cash. Their latest offering, Commune, stays true to what they established on LP number one. The fusion of Woodstock psychedelics and worldly rhythms is displayed throughout the nine tracks. Opener “Talk to God” features pattering djembe, a repeating bouncy guitar lick, and chanted vocals. Mid-song interlude “To Travel the Path Unknown” sports subtle shakers and atmospheric soloing. The band is apt at locking into a slinky groove and then piling lush walls of instrumentation on top of it. GOAT is more into just teasing all there is to be teased out of their grooves, a practice which can ultimately prove tiring. Those looking for verse-chorus-bridge-chorus songs and tangible hooks need not apply. For a patient listener into slow builds, or somebody willing to wig-out to GOAT’s ritualistic cabaret live show, Commune is worth the trip.

– Michael Luis

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