Dawn Pemberton 

Say Somethin’ 

Do Right! Music

Vancouver-based singer Dawn Pemberton showcases a strong collection of traditional soul and funk inspired tracks while still demonstrating her own originality. The albums opening track “For You” is a slower track with a nice R&B feel that shows you the silky smooth versatility of Pemberton’s voice. It doesn’t take long for the album to kick it up a notch with the following track “Deeper,” and later the song “Freedom Time,” that feature a horn section that sounds like its right out of Stax Records. Although Pemberton shows a promising sound with her more traditional cuts, she also delivers on some more experimental songs such as “Hello Love,” a darker sounding slow jam near the middle of the album. What all of the tracks on the album have in common is her silky smooth voice that always sounds within its boundaries and somehow finds its way to blend in to the song while still being what catches your attention. Say Somethin’ is a promising delivery that leaves one excited for what is up next.

– Peter Moore

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