Nicholas Krgovich

On Sunset

World Service

Nicholas Krgovich’s solo album, On Sunset is a perfect record to listen to while on a late night summer drive. The album’s title track introduces the listener to a swelling violin ensemble, as if one was attending a symphony at an orchestra hall. As a first time listener to Krgovich, what followed was unexpected in a very good way. The smooth, synth sounds mashed with piano and violins easily flow on tracks such as “City of Night” and “Cosmic Vision”, pulling the listener into a neon Miami-styled trance. Meanwhile, slower tracks like “Let’s Take the Car Out” can throw one’s ears into a nostalgic trip of 1990s computer game soundtracks. Some tracks however get a little too sluggish and dreamy, like the ironically titled “Rock’s Dream”, making a few of the songs mush together. But it’s “The Backlot” that is Krogvich’s standout star and assurance of the record. Armed with a trumpet and an unknown woman singing backup, Krogvich delivers a fantastic track that will make you dive for your friend’s iPod while sitting shotgun in the car.

– Fraser Hamilton

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