By Alex Kerr

The new self-titled release from Vancouver-based duo Sabota has struck a chord with West coast music fans. The duo is made up of Robbie Slade’s raspy-smooth vocals, and Max Ulis’ experimental house sound. Robbie Slade twists Sabota’s sound with influence from his other project, Humans, in a way that complements both groups while still keeping their unique identities. This release was initially scheduled as an EP, but after careful deliberation, the duo decided that they had too much good music to share and delayed the release from November 2013 to February 2014.  “Stumble”, has an upbeat tempo and acts as the heartbeat of the entire album as the songs build up, and releases tension before and after it. The album’s single, “Next Time”, layers Charlie Damara’s deep vocals over one of Ulis’ drum-heavy beats, with Slade’s voice acting as the bridge between the two. San Francisco DJ, Grenier, puts a spin on the single injecting a more upbeat tempo on the release’s bonus track. Max Ulis and Robbie Slade both have fulltime gigs playing music in the Vancouver club scene, however this collaboration takes the listener deeper into the night and produces music to watch the sunrise to.

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