By Joshua Collis

Laggards’ debut EP 4 U is here, and it’s about damn time. EP 4 U dances the line between cheerfully haunting music that you would find in a nightclub, to the soundtrack you would expect screeching across the desolate stars in a stolen spaceship. Laggards are a Wonder Twins-esque team-up of local Victoria DJ’s OKPK and Olav. Laggards are anything but, maybe therein lies the irony. EP 4 U is every atom club vibes fun as it is a procession of robotic street drummers in a sci-fi Agrabah banging away on dusty busted body parts and broken gyros. R&B moments give way to sliced and diced vocals that inhabit the tracks like the fevered dreams of a ghost within the machine. Laggards could play the nightclub from Tron just as easily as they could play “Mike Tyson” to the ring for a round of Punch Out!!. EP 4 U is fun though ghostly, astral though earthen, and above all riddled with epic club feels.

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