By Melissa Reid

Pushing The Buttons

The electronic music paradigm seems to be shifting. Heavy bass and repetitive samples have left people searching for more. People crave live interactive sets over a DJ pressing play on a laptop. These interactive DJ’s exist, one not so far from home.

Grossbuster jumped on the Victoria music scene with ska band One Drop, pursuing his love of dub music. A little over a year ago he began beat making and posting his mixes to SoundCloud, now he is touring the Nation as Grossbuster.

Trained in piano since age 4, he incorporates classical elements to a contemporary sound. Grossbuster uses MPC’s (Music Production Controllers) keeping his live sets interactive. MPC’s or ‘pad pushing’ allow the artist complete creative control. Think of MPC’s as a powerful drum machine that samples artist’s own sounds.

“I like doing the unexpected, all of a sudden right in the middle of a song I drop the ‘Red Army Russian Choir,’” Grossbuster laughs, “just to throw the audience off a little bit. It’s really about keeping people’s attention.”

Future Freshness

Grossbuster plays with scratch DJ’s and MC’s to keep a live element to his electronic music. Complied with his pad pushing skills his sets are bound to be unique. You never know what you will get. Additionally visuals are becoming increasingly popular in live shows. Weaving audio to match visuals will be a common sight at future shows.

“My performances are very live and interactive. It’s very much like the piano; it requires a lot of focus and is a real challenge. I think that [live element] comes across in my performance and comes across very honest – I’m playing for the audience but I’m pushing myself as hard as I can on stage,” says Grossbuster.

Grossbuster fights our easily distracted generation by keeping his sets under an hour and shares the stage with live performers. Orilla is a MC who raps over some of Grossbuster’s tracks. They met in their earlier ska days and created a dynamic duo since. Grossbuster’s dubbed out beats create a solid platform for Orilla’s hip-hop flow. The pair plans to release an EP under Wolf/Sheep Records later this fall.

Since his first show last May, Grossbuster has plagued Victoria’s music scene with dubbed out electro beats now spreading east and south. By not limiting himself to a certain sound; Grossbuster allows himself creative freedom.

“I’m going to push myself as an artist and hopefully just make people dance,” says Grossbuster. See Grossbuster this September playing his second year at Rifflandia, Victoria’s annual music festival. If you’re craving something sooner download Dubble Mint on Bandcamp for free. Whether you listen to Grossbuster’s records or have seen him live, I guarantee you will respect electronic music more.

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