By Tayler Thompson

The music of local folk songstress Cosy Father is equally as mystic and entracing as the city in which she crafted her latest release Loser Birds. Strikingly similar to the work of famed British chanteuse Vashti Bunyan, Loser Birds is a very minamilst album which features looping plucked guitar lines and swirling vocals which carefully echo back in whisps of saturated tape delay. Overall a very intimate experience. Behind each track exists a soft drone of tape hiss and room sound which absolutely blankets the songs in a layer of familiarity. With voice and a guitar being the only instruments employed by the recordings, one is greeted by a very close environment between the artist and the listener. Cosy Father tells great stories and one cannot escape from being drawn in. From the screen printed artwork to the rawness of the sound on these tracks, Loser Birds feels completely hand made and sincere. As a whole, Loser Birds is a glimpse into the life of a self proclaimed “Reclusive Hillbilly” by using the tradition of folk songwriting. Take this as an invitation to get comfortable.

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