By Jim Martens

From the kick off title track to the finale, “Shake It”, there are thirteen songs of joy and pleasure, played by these Canadian R&B/swingers, typical of their earlier successes. While the sound is rockin’, rent-party, dance music, reminiscent of the 1930s, the band is very modern and stylish, not given to long self-indulgent solos. Rather, Jon Wong’s sax provides subtle fills and delicious short wails that take you back to the early days of rock. Drummer, vocalist, songwriter Lindsay Beaver is very much the modern woman; no coy, shy, or restrained crooning for her. The band provides her with every opportunity to be the powerful dominant voice of this group, again more typical of the African-America urban culture of the inter-war years, but with a very “with it”, contemporary feel. This record could have been called Sassy, or Brassy… or any other cheeky description of this rapidly maturing band, but Wicked sure enough sets the tone. If you like having fun you will love their music. (Just listen to “Bones’ Bounce”).

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