Young Braised

Japanese Tendencies

1080p collection

This album starts out with Japanese Producer Terio’s sample that could either be from an at-home meditation tape or the soundtrack of a romantic drama from the early 90’s. Either way, paired with Young Braised, a unique tone is set for the tape. I’m put into a state of contemplative serenity, but then an image of Young Braised in a Tilly hat with a spinning cheeseburger floats by, making sure none of those tendencies are taken too seriously. This doesn’t underestimate his raps however. In fact, it compliments them like a side of fries. Braised raps about feminism and spirituality, but his rhymes about meeting girls, smoking blunts and references to popular culture make sure we have a thoughtful experience of the tape. Contemplating some themes of Murakami, we can also sit back in the clouds and simply enjoy today’s Japanese Tendencies.

— Rachel Ziriada

Rachel hosts Strange Waves Monday’s 3:30-5:00PM

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