Neon Gold

Guitar’n’b is a word that has been tossed around to describe the self-titled debut from talented Brooklyn trio Wet. The four song effort fits into a sound that is distinctly “now” with its radio-friendly 90s tinged melodies, spattering percussion, and moody guitar work which lands it somewhere between the turf of Chairlift and Purity Ring. What sets this group apart from their contemporaries is a knack for merging guitar melodies with their appreciation of R&B. The effect is a set of skillfully crafted songs that all feel very organic, albeit electronic, without coming off as something from the hazy Bandcamp page of some guy from the Midwest. “Dreams” and “You’re The Best” start off with a bright and uplifting sentiment, thanks to the solid harmonies and strong vocal performance of singer Kelly Zutrau. The combination of “Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl” and “No Lie” close the EP by stressing their softer and much darker side. However, this is nothing too serious for a relaxing Sunday morning. Overall a promising debut from a group that has already found a sonic identity on a label roster that includes Passion Pit and Haim.

— Tayler Thompson

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